Life At OakTree

A Value-Centred Education.

“Every child is unique.” This core is the basis of the education we provide at Oaktree. We believe in teaching all concepts from a humanitarian perspective which nurtures the child carefully. We also challenge traditional teaching methods to get out the best in our students. This motivates them to think out of the box and expand their thinking capacity. Our faculty believes in the ideals of faith and service, hence, acting as mentors and friends for our students as well.

A Well-Rounded Education

Opportunities galore at Oaktree! We offer our students a host of co- curricular activities that are not only indulging and act as a stress buster, but also motivate thinking capacity with self- learning skills. We offer our children a niche environment to grow in, and the small group size paves way for individual attention to every kid. We teach our students to manage studies with active roles in drama, athletics, music, dance and other such activities.
Our mode of education provides the students, a pathway which teaches them the ideals of integrity, perseverance, striving for excellence which would lead them to success.

The Path to Success.

In our schools, it is our goal that each student grows in ethics, learns for excellence, and leads with integrity.